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End Me A Tenor (2013)

by Joelle Charbonneau(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 2
0425252167 (ISBN13: 9780425252161)
Glee Club
review 1: This is the second glee mystery series. Paige is simultaneously working her day job of training the high school choir for competitions and rehearsing her role in Handel's Messiah which she is hoping is her big break in the music world. The school board is debating letting her go, specifically Chessie's parents trying to hog the limelight for Chessie. At the first rehearsal of Messiah, the tenor David dies in front of Paige. When Paige discovers another body and is getting death threats she is pulled into the investigation.
review 2: I like Joelle Charbonneau's character Paige Marshall, aspiring opera singer and high school show choir coach. I read the first book and enjoyed that as well. The other characters are quirky. Her aunt, who she lives with is a dog lov
... moreer and all her past pets have undergone taxidermy and are arranged in the house. Her current live dog, Killer, a large standard poodle does not like Paige and they move around each other carefully. Her love interests, a handsome teacher at school who lets everyone assume he is gay to avoid problems with the adolescent girls and a police officer who is wooing her make for some interesting situations. When a famous tenor drops dead at the Messiah rehearsal and is found to have been poisoned, Paige finds herself in the middle of the investigation and a potential victim. less
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One of the stronger cozy series I've read in a while.
Love this book!!!
Not dazzled
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