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The Complete Lockpick Pornography (2012)

by Joey Comeau(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 5
1770410694 (ISBN13: 9781770410695)
ECW Press
review 1: Joey Comeau can be an exceptional writer. "Overqualified" is an emotional and witty high-concept novel. "The Summer is Ended and We Are Not Yet Saved" is a campy yet moving horror movie which just happens to be a book. In this volume, Comeau produces another story which successfully blends humour, smart observation, well-written relationships, and an element subversion. Unfortunately, there is also the story from which this book gets its title, which is presented first of the two.Originally published in 2005, "Lockpick Pornography" demonstrates that Comeau was not born a good writer, but became one with time and experience. The book follows a narrator who aspires to be the General Patton of the queer movement, using theft and violence to balance the scales of justice again... morest the heterosexual majority. This could make an interesting novel, except that Comeau instead has his heroes harassing fast food workers at the mall ("Excuse me, this soda made me gay."), and sucker-punching girls who match the Western beauty ideal. It's hard to say what Comeau is going for here. His characters are thoroughly unlikeable, and frankly dull caricatures which never divert far beyond "The Gender-Queer Teenager", "The Friendly Lesbian", "The More Balanced Boyfriend", or "The Shocked Normal". Their antics are sophomoric and predictable to the point where the intended shock value is completely lost. Although the story does escalate to a kidnapping which does confer on the narrator some degree of personal growth, this novel lacks the intelligence and empathy found in Comeau's best works. "We All Have It Coming" is by far the better book. This story also features a gay protagonist, and the sex scenes are extremely explicit, but it's a wiser, more reflective narrative. After a violent incident at work following outing himself to his boss, the narrator tries a series of new jobs that pit fantasy against reality and make him realize what he wants in life. Dark reflections on cartoon strips, oddball daydreaming and the universal frustrations of searching for our place in the world make this an enjoyable but quick read.
review 2: I thought the combination of the two stories into one book was a good idea because in a way they are almost two sides of the same story.One is from the perspective of a man that thinks monogamy is disgusting, and the second is from a man who would want nothing more than to stay in his lovely monogamous relationship with his boyfriend.I don't think either story could have stood as well on its own. They complimented each other very well though.I liked how in the first story, the main character made bold, definite statements on what could be a very confusing topic, that made you question your own beliefs and the way the world really should work. But as the story went on, even he himself was confused on where he stood. less
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I really liked both stories! The second one was my favorite.
This book is hilarious, intelligent, and raw.
Loved it! Second edition very enjoyable!
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