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The Rivalry: Mystery At The Army-Navy Game (2010)

by John Feinstein(Favorite Author)
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0375865705 (ISBN13: 9780375865701)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
The Sports Beat
review 1: The book I chose for my review was The Rivalry by John Feinstein. His books are sports-mystery books. The main characters are Susan Carol and Stevie. Susan Carol and Stevie are boyfriend and girlfriend. (They work as sports writers, they write for the two biggest newspaper companies in Washington DC.) Susan Carol is really tall and is a swimmer; she is 15 years old. Stevie does not like that Susan Carol is taller than him. Stevie is a 15 year old and also a really big eater. He tends to do stuff to please Susan Carol. John Feinstein has used Stevie and Susan Carol in all his sports mystery books. I have read some of his other books, and they are really good. This book is about the Army-Navy football rivalry and the football game that they play every year. I would recommend... more this book because it had mystery, it was funny, and it was all about sports. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. One of the reasons I would recommend this book is because it had lots of mystery in it. The main mystery in the book is why the referees are throwing questionable flags at games. In the Navy-Notre Dame game, many people thought that the referees were doing a horrible job. However, Notre Dame obviously was happy that the game was going good for them. Navy was one week away from the big Army-Navy game that everyone was talking about. Navy was really upset that the same referees from the Navy-Notre Dame game were going to cover the biggest game of the whole season for both Army and Navy. There was also another really big mystery in the book. The big mystery was during the Army-Navy game when it happened. It was halftime and the game was still scoreless when Stevie remembers that he had learned about “betting the under” in a football game. He thought the referees were rigging the game so that they could win their bets. Stevie and Susan Carol then asked the FBI to bug the room and see if the referees talked about the bets that Stevie thought were happening. You have to read the whole book if you want to find out if they were or were not “betting the under”. Another reason why I would recommend this book is because it was really funny. It is really funny is when Stevie and Susan Carol are visiting the President to interview him right before the Army-Navy game in Washington DC. When they are waiting for their interview they see Bill Gates walking out of the Oval Office. Talking to the same guy Bill Gates just talked to made them feel pretty awesome. Susan Carol and Stevie were interviewing the President about sports in general and about the big Army-Navy game. Obama asked them to send the interview to him and he would send it back with corrections and add-ons that he thought were necessary to the story before they published it in the newspaper. And then Stevie says “do you need our address to send the revisions; oh wait you already have them.” Stevie blushed right after he said that. Another funny part was when one of the Army players made a funny impression of an old Army player. The old player used to say “I sir have two rings and I would love another.” Then the player, imitating the old Army player, said in a Texas accent: “I sir, have zero rings but I would love to get one today.” Everybody in the locker room was laughing their heads off. That is why this book is really funny. The last reason I liked it was because it had to do with sports and sports is one of my favorite hobbies. It had lots of awesome suspense like when Army had an interception to win the game against Georgia Tech. It was exciting to learn all about the Army-Navy rivalry by reading. I especially liked when they described the interception and how the Army sideline celebrated after the interception. It was really cool when John Feinstein described how the Navy and Army lockers rooms were feeling during the Army-Navy halftime show. He described how the locker rooms were filled with chants and music. He also described how the players had adrenaline rush from playing in such a big game for both Navy and Army. The players were happy to be part of such a large rivalry, hence the book’s name. The above reasons are why this book was appealing to me. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend or a family member that likes sports. It was a great book overall, and I hope to read more of Stevie and Susan Carol’s adventures by John Feinstein.
review 2: The Rivalry is a great book that shows so many different qualities of life. The main I think is that cheaters never win in the end. The only way you would not like this book is if you do not follow and love sports. Another reason why this is book is great is because it is current sport topics that i just heard about in the news. I could really relate to this book because I knew what they were talking about. The Rivalry is a book that I would say to any sports fan, read this book. It is a quick read and very entertaining. The Rivalry is my new favorite book. I am so glad I read this book. less
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It's a kids book, but was a fast read with famous names and a plot that was not obvious.
It was a great book with a great ending!
this is fucking gay
Very good book
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