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Halt's Peril (2009)

by John Flanagan(Favorite Author)
4.58 of 5 Votes: 3
1741663024 (ISBN13: 9781741663020)
Random House Australia
Ranger's Apprentice
review 1: This book was very good in my opinion. Although it is the ninth book, I have enjoyed it as much as the others. This book starts out with a young man named Will, who is a ranger's apprentice, who has a job of protecting the kingdom and other kingdoms from evil. He has honed his skills in knife throwing, saxe knife wielding, and especially excelling with a bow. A saxe knife is a very short but broad sword. It is forged by very special craft workers and has been specially designed for rangers, so if they ever reach close combat, they can use a sword as well. The bow is the preferred and most skilled weapon rangers and they can shoot arrows from extremely long distances. Halt is Will's mentor and he, Will and Horace, a very skilled swordsman and a natural. They are pursuing an... more enemy who is trying to trick peasants and miners into fake gods they convince the peasants to believe and make a sort of throne or sacrifice of gold and precious crystals to the fake god. When the peasants are sleeping after made the sacrifice, the group that Will and Halt are hunting down, will take all the gold and valuables and betray the peasants and flee to safety. The bad general has no idea that they are being hunted down. Not until an assassin that the general has hired sees them and reports back. The general agrees to pay the assassin to kill them. When Halt and Will reach the forest, they assassin tries to kill Halt, but Will is hidden, and thanks to his amazing skills as an archer, shoots the crossbow that the assassin is wielding. I hits the crossbow jerking it so it goes off course. Unfortunately the arrow hits Halt in the arm and the assassin escapes. Will later finds out that the arrow has been dripped into poison that creates hallucination and confusion of memories coming in and out of consciousness that may lead later to death. There are two cures that are possible to cure the poison. But if they inject the wrong antidote, then Halt will surely die. How will Will and Horace find the cure? Who is going to help them? If Will and Horace don't think fast and finds the one out of two cures that is possible for this poison, then Halt will die. Read the book to find out all the answers to these questions!
review 2: This book felt like a return to what I have loved about the series. It was rangers using bows to shoot things, and being clever. It was also nice to have the stakes really raised. There were some parts that I didn't quite buy - or that I felt were unnecessary. I can't really go into detail without spoiling it - so I will leave it at that. I did feel at the beginning of the book Flanagan really drug things out. How many chapters can you have about the characters deciding to camp for the night? I really think the first half of the story could have been condensed into 2 or 3 chapters.Anyway, it was a nice return to form, despite a few minor flaws. less
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Review by C.M.: "Great story that has the same great characters with a got to keep reading plot."
Fastpaced and enjoyable!! So glad everything worked out. Can't wait till the next book.
I think this book was very good. Great at capturing a readers attention
Great book!!
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