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Ophelia Cut, The: A Novel (2013)

by John Lescroart(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
1611064201 (ISBN13: 9781611064209)
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Dismas Hardy
review 1: Lesscroart books tend to be hit or miss. This one tends toward the latter. It tended to drag on through the first half. Only when we got to the courtroom segment did it improve. But Lescroart readers know to expect the "rabbit out of the hat" ploy to bring about a desired ending. There were some other unexpected twists but the characters were mostly so dislikable at this point, that it didn't matter. Quite disappointed in this story line.
review 2: Moses McQuire co-owns the Little Shamrock with Dismas Hardy. McQuire's promiscuous daughter Brittney, hooks up with the wrong guy. When she breaks it off, he knocks her around. Her father tracks him down and gives him a beating. A couple of months later, the boyfriend threatens to turn in her father unless she meets
... more with him. She does, he slips something into her drink and rapes her. The next day he is found dead. McQuire is the obvious suspect and is arrested. Hardy defends him. I have to say, this was pretty lame. Alternative suspects and theories produced, but no real answers. In the end we are left without any real finality. Except that Hardy's problems went away. Some language. Won't be back for any more of this series. less
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Very good (as are ALL the Dismas & Abe books) but not happy with the ending.
Always like Lescroart. This one less than some......
Like the story and will buy more from the author.
Excellent thriller
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