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Heart Of The Dragon (2010)

by Keith R.A. DeCandido(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 3
184856600X (ISBN13: 9781848566002)
Titan Books
review 1: People who want to read this book should be familiar with the television show - Supernatural. Otherwise, you might be disconnected or lost.This book takes place after "Changing Channels" in Season 5.Quick Review:For most of this story, I hardly got to read about present day/Sam and Dean. The majority of the book centered around the back story of the Heart of the Dragon. Unlike the other stories in this series so far, the readers got to read about the Campbell's hunting, John hunting, and a few scenes through angels' eyes. As interesting as this was, I missed Sam and Dean. There were also a few scenes of that took place when Sam and Dean were little. Those were cute.The ending was tied up very neatly - a little too neatly.
review 2: Well this is the fourth super
... morenatural book I've read and I am disappointed especially after reading 2 previously by the same author.I found it very messy and jumping forwards and backwards a little too much and also including chapters that I feel we're just put in to bulk it up, the story line it's self was good and once you got to the last few chapters it got good but sadly having to read through most of the book before it got good was not great. less
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no me convence la manera de escribir el autor. por suerte hay otros diferentes
Eh. I started this. Don't think I've gotten around to finishing though.
Honestly, this is published fanfiction. I absolutely love it.
This was great! I loved seeing the different years.
It is cool.
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