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An Arrangement Of Love (2013)

by Kenya Wright(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 1
K. Wright Press
Chasing Love
review 1: I liked Chase. That's the main thing. Overall, I think this is a good start to a murder mystery series. I didn't connect with Jasmine at all. What a wishy-washy young lady. "Make up your mind, girl!" That's what I kept screaming as I read it. She was adamantly opposed to the arrangement one minute, ready to be compliant the next (with a string of conditions, that is), then back to, "No way in hell." She made my head spin. Either piss on the pot or get off it. I don't know why in the world Chase would want to put up with that headache, but to each his own. I'm curious to see which of those heffas is the murderer though.
review 2: Ok, so somewhere in the middle she lost me with this but, since I had gotten to the middle, I chose to continue. I got to the end and
... more it did get somewhat better than it started. This story is about Jasmine a well-educated but poor biracial woman who somehow catches the eye of Billionaire Chase. Who, let us be honest, is a spoiled brat and has heavy weight stalker tendencies, and a majorly possessive personality, and not the cute possessive either. Like full on, someone should be very concerned, possessive. Anyway, he stalks her, wants her to be his girlfriend, joining the ranks of his two, yes two, current girlfriends and is fiance...his freaking fiance. But only he is allowed to date others, the women are only to be with him. He wines and dines her (she's obsessed with food), she resists for a while and even comes up with a few rules of her own before she agrees. Well, for some reason Jasmine is different and Chase treats her different and the other women in the arrangement don't really like that. She gets a couple of threats that vaguely resemble those of three of Chase's previous girlfriends who all die after being involved in the arrangement. Murder, mystery, drugs, food, booze and sex are all present. I honestly think Jasmine was on some special type of stupid for agreeing with that whole situation in the first place, even with her conditions in place. I literally got angry and had to vent to a friend when Jasmine said yes. I absolutely hate that Chase was allowed so many freedoms, but he wouldn't allow them the same freedoms and he also dressed and styled them to his tastes. There was so much that I just could not agree with in this book. However, it did slowly get to be more interesting and I do plan to read the next in the series to see where it's going. It crawled it's way back from getting no stars because Jasmine actually never accepted the situation and to her credit, she tried as best she could to get away from Chase but, when the guy is obsessive, possessive, and rich, how much can you really do to get away from him? less
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It's all over the top: the hero, the story, the harem. Fun read and nicely executed.
I need more of this series like now!!!!
Super good.... a must read!!!!
I loved this book.
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