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Historias Color Tierra 3. Los Pequeños Cuentos De Mi Madre (2003)

by Kim Dong Hwa(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 5
Planeta Agostini
Color Trilogy
review 1: This trilogy is a great weekend read. Absolutely beautiful graphic novel love stories of mom and daughter filled with artwork that captures the scenes and emotions so well. The author gives the reader so much to take in from the Korean culture, the nature filled metaphors, the artwork drawn so intricately and then the story of Ehwa and her mother both growing together as they search and find love. My heart is still thumping; the books are romantic, funny, sexy and sweet. To me, though, the mother daughter relationship of this trilogy is written with perfection and earns the 5 star rating for its simplicity and beauty of the human spirit in love.
review 2: I'm was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this trilogy. Ehwa was so sweet, but she could be a
... more little brat sometimes. She grew up and learned more, but retained that innocence and sweetness. I think near the end of this one I started to relate more when Ehwa's mother realized how soon Ehwa would be leaving her behind to get married. The whole sadness of having an empty nest, of 'losing' your daughter to someone else was so very sad. less
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Penggambaran yang menarik, lembut, dan indah. Tapi ini buku galau banget ya, isinya? ahahah...
I didn't find this one as moving as the others but still a beautiful end to the story.
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