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Lords Of Corruption (2009)

by Kyle Mills(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 4
1593154992 (ISBN13: 9781593154998)
Vanguard Press
review 1: This book was quick to read, moderately entertaining, and easy to follow. The protagonists are developed well enough to keep your interest, although the antagonists could have been further developed. This is not the author's best work, but it's an improvement from some of his recent efforts. It tells a story about a guy with a troubled past who attempts to overcome his problems and ends up working for a corrupt aid organization in Africa.
review 2: Kyle Mills can be hit and miss (see: Fade, for example). This was a mostly miss. Josh Hagarty is a guy from Kentucky who grew up poor and made some mistakes when he was younger. Now he is a college graduate with an MBA that no one wants to hire, except for NewAfrica, a non-profit that helps Africans build susta
... moreinable agriculture. Josh finds out that something isn't quite right there and starts digging and that is when things get a little crazy. The book starts off very slow but gets going. If you can suspend lots of disbelief, it is a good action-thriller book. There are some interesting points about politics and life in Africa but it is definitely a small side-story. If you are going on an airplane soon and you want a book that isn't too deep, this is the one for you. less
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Love Kyle Mills books! Good story that kept developing, I stayed engaged and surprised throughout.
One of my favorite authors, and he didn't disappoint! LOVE these stories about Africa!
Pretty poor story. Did not finish it. Predictable and empty characters.
Not as good as Fade but an interesting topic.
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