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Eggs In Purgatory (2008)

by Laura Childs(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 5
0425224953 (ISBN13: 9780425224953)
Berkley Prime Crime
Cackleberry Club
review 1: I have been puzzling as to why it has taken me so long to read this book -- a cozy mystery usually takes only a few hours or stretches out only over a couple days. I have concluded that it was just not that compelling, even though it was interesting. I liked all of the characters in the book and the setting and the restaurant/book shop/yarn store combo and I was curious as to who killed the victims. But only in a vague disconnected sort of way. I never bonded with any of the characters, even though I wanted to. I cannot call them two-dimensional, because they had flaws and noble attributes (even the good ole boy sheriff), but the portrayal lacked a depth or hook or something. Any of the various angles, explored in a little more depth in the story with more solid deta... moreils to the backstory, would have been fascinating. In some ways, the addition of the cult angle and the domestic violence angle and the small-town gossip angle and the 3-women-friends-in-life-rebuilding-mode and the book shop and the restaurant with recipes was too much. In order to treat all these things equally, none of them was given enough emphasis to make it an area you latched onto and connected with. The mystery was decently crafted, but even there I found there was not quite enough detail to really convince me of whodunit or whydunit, it was handled a little more casually until it all ended in a hail of bullets.Oh, well, it is probably good I have not become hooked on another cozy mystery series, because I can't keep up with the reading backlog I already have.
review 2: Laura Childs has another series in her portfolio. This one is called the Cackleberry Club. Three women have opened a combined restaurant, bookstore, knitting knook, and cheese shop in the small town of Kindred. Suzanne Dietz, a widow, and her two best friends, Toni and Petra have worked very hard to get the shop opened and running smoothly. When Suzanne's lawyer is found shot to death behind the restaurant, Suzanne feels that she needs to find out who did the crime, especially after allegations were made that her recently deceased husband was guilty of taking kickbacks in his position on the town's planning board. I liked the characters and the story line of this book. My only problem is that Ms. Childs' heroines all have to be so nosy and do things that don't make sense. The sheriff searches a home for clues. Suzanne goes in and searches the same home, right after, and finds the clue (of course). The police chief is doing his best but not enough for her and she goes right behing him asking questions and, of course, putting herself in danger. Then she gets upset when she gets attacked herself. Doesn't make sense. She isn't as bad as some authors that I have read but it still gets annoying. less
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This was a really enticing book. Right to the last page.
much better than the last few books I've read.
Great start to series. Likeable characters
Great cozy with strong female leads.
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