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Trust Me If You Dare (2010)

by L.B. Gregg(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 3
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Romano and Albright
review 1: Another fun, entertaining, fast paced story about accident prone Ce Romano and his PI boyfriend Dan Albright.Ce always seems to leave a trail of chaos behind him or attracts attention from those he shouldn't!I have enjoyed the 2 stories so far and I can't see any more written since this one in 2010 :(I like the light hearted banter between them, their predilection for sex in risky spaces and the emotion that built between them. A great fun read
review 2: This was an impulse series for me, and I'm glad I liked the cover. The stories and characters are interesting, unusual and amusing, and Ceasar's head is a fun place to view the world. He and his PI lover pursue a high temperature romance while involved in solving a case of blackmail in the world of TV soap op
... moreeras.It really hardly matters who the bad guy is, but Caesar as an accident prone, ironic, self-reflective, son, grandson and hot lover is worth his weight in giggles. He has found the perfect lover in PI Dan Albright, an investigator prone to shamelessly luring Caesar into sex in public places and also loving the germaphobic, honest, hard-working and finally getting lucky Ceasar.I love that Ceasar is such a sweetheart, so honest, with a great work ethic and a ever-enlarging sexual interest. I love that Dan loves Ceasar and treasures him. I love that I laugh out loud from time to time while reading and that I'm so happy when these two are happy with each other. less
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3.5 starsI liked this fine—just a tiny bit less than the first installment.
Fun read, wouldn't mind seeing more of these two.
There's going to be more, right? Right?
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