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3 Bodies And A Biscotti (2000)

by Leighann Dobbs(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
Lexy Baker Bakery Mystery
review 1: I really didn't care for this book. Lexy the main character is very insecure, self-absorbed and vain. I really do not like weak female characters so I had a hard time really liking her. The story just didn't have enough substance for me, it felt very basic, almost as if the writer was following a how to write a novel book and just putting in ideas. I know it's part of a series and I wouldn't read another one unless it was free. There is a murder right away and she wants to investigate with her Grandmother and her nursing home friends. I knew who the murder was as soon as the character was introduced, and couldn't understand how Lexy had no idea. There were just some weird side stories that just didn't draw in the reader. Oh well it only took a couple of hours to re... moread it!
review 2: This was a frothy, lightweight type murder mystery. Lexy Baker IS a baker--owns a bakery. She has a police detective, Jack, and a grandmother weirdly named Nans, who lives in a retirement home, so she has access to the murders which start occurring. Her good friend Cassie is getting married shortly. Now, here is a strange thing--at the wedding rehearsel, the participants all wear the clothes they will be wearing at the wedding. I have never heard of this happening. Perhaps it is some new tradition, but isn't part of the fun of the ceremony, seeing the bride in her finery--and maybe the bridesmaids, too? This seems like a book that could be dashed off--maybe half the length of some I have recently read. less
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While the writing gets better I am not likely to keep going with this series.
These mysteries are fun short reads, but the editing needs help.
It was another good book from the series! I enjoyed it! :)
quick, easy read....great for a hot summer afternoon
Another short & sweet read.
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