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Umbrella Summer (2009)

by Lisa Graff(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 3
0061431885 (ISBN13: 9780061431883)
HarperCollins Publishers
review 1: One of the best middle-grade books I've read that deals with the death of a family member--in this case, a brother--and how everyone from his sister and parents to his friends and neighbors are coping with that 5 months later as what would have been his twelfth birthday approaches. Annie and her parents definitely still have their umbrellas open to protect themselves from the rain of grief they are not sure will ever end. It's going to take the wise words of a new neighbor and the loving support of their community to help those umbrellas start closing and the sunshine back into their lives. Kudos to author Graff for giving us a beautiful story peopled with fully fleshed characters and a metaphor about grief I will never forget.
review 2: This book is confusing
... moreis the first thing that comes to mind. It is sad and practically shows you how complicated a childs life can be. I think parents should read Umbrella Summer to remind themselves how complicated friendships get as a child. If you love being reminded of childhood or you want to understand a child better read this book. Know Im not saying to go in your childs room after reading Umbrellla Summer and ask, What friend has betrayed you recently, because if your child has bad friendship problems they will most likely tell you. less
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This book has some very good lessons that happen in our daily life. I really enjoyed this book.
I laughed out loud and cried silent tears, which is the best compliment I could give any book.
One of my favorite books I have read ! Overall !!
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