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Hilda I Troll (2010)

by Luke Pearson(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: Hilda sets out to do some drawing. She finds a rock structure that she believes to be a troll and hangs a bell from its "nose" to protect herself. When the troll seeks her out she is terrified until she realizes the troll is approaching her to return her notebook. In return, she gratefully removes the bell which has been tormenting him.I love all the woodland details in the Hilda series. There's enough fantasy elements to make the stories magical, yet enough realism to make the characters and situations fairly relatable. Recommended for grades 3-5.
review 2: Another strange graphic novel about Hilda, who lives in a secluded spot in the mountains with her mother. This is a place where you can accidentally let in a little wood person who likes to lie next to your
... more fire. The good think about this is that he at least brings firewood. Along with the wooden person, trolls wait to be awoken, water spirits find themselves lost and giants almost step on you while trying to read their map. All in a single day! less
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While I liked this story I did not like it as much as the two other Hilda stories we have read.
By golly but this girl does make me smile. Please can I go live with her.
Loved his style and the story, gonna look at some of the longer ones too
Sehr süß, toll gezeichnet, wunderschöne Farben, aber viel zu kurz.
Adorable! The art is very unique.
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