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The Surrender Of Miss Fairbourne (2012)

by Madeline Hunter(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 2
0515150460 (ISBN13: 9780515150469)
Penguin Berkley Jove
Fairbourne Quartet
review 1: The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne is about Emma Fairbourne and Darius Southwaite, who both have an interest in her late father's auction house. She wants to continue with it, while he wants to sell it. Emma is constantly challenging and confusing Darius, which makes for some fun encounters. Early in the book there is a funny misunderstanding about a newspaper advertisement. I liked this line: "I do not require more time or conversation. I merely thought it best to explain just which tune I intend to whistle with you."There is an obvious attraction on both their parts and they share a few kisses as the story progresses, then later some nice sex scenes. The story seemed to get better as it moved along, adding in smugglers, surprises and secrets at every turn. I enjoyed readin... moreg this book and look forward to the rest of the series.
review 2: As promised, I went back and read the first in this series (having read book 2 earlier, not realizing it WAS a book 2). This was still quite good, but I think on the whole I liked book 2 better.The smuggling plotline was *very* well done (maybe 3 1/2 stars would be a fairer assessment), but to offset that, the romance was not everything it could have been. The hero is rather an insufferable and high-handed blockhead for a good bit of the book, and I had a hard time warming up to him. He falls prey to the thoughtlessness that usually seems to accompany a lord/tradeswoman romance plot-- he frequently treats her like a deluded innocent because he has no IDEA of what it means to depend on a business for one's livelihood. The assumption that she couldn't possibly know what's best for herself (like HE does-- clearly, he doesn't have her best interests in mind, either) is infuriating and demeaning, not romantic. Half the time he acts like her father, and the other half he acts like he wants her for his mistress. The combination of the two is a little... ew, and NEITHER attitude is particularly flattering. (He makes up for it eventually, but ARGH.) That said, the Outrageous Misconception scene was SCREAMINGLY funny.A mixed bag, but I'm definitely continuing in the series. less
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I loved, loved, this book. Looking forward to reading many more by Madeline Hunter!
i read an audio version of the book and rather enjoyed it.
Subpar attempt.
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