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Foxy Lady (2010)

by Marie Harte(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 4
1609281926 (ISBN13: 9781609281922)
Cougar Falls
review 1: This is book three in Marie Harte's Cougar Falls series. This has become my new favorite series and I am just gobbling up the books. Thank goodness they are very reasonably priced on Amazon so my husband cant complain about me breaking the bank! This story is about Fox Shape Shifters Julia and Ty (short for Tyler). Ty is the town Sheriff and Julia I believe is a legal assistant at Cougar Falls only law firm. Julia's sister Jennifer gets engaged to a regular human man she met while away at College. Julia is terrified her sister will be casted out of the Fox clan and does everything in her power to convince Jennifer to give up the fiance Jason. It ends up that Jason belongs to a family of ruthless hunters and when Ty hears this he fears Julia may be in over her head and rush... morees to aid her. Julia is in deep shit but she still doesn't want to admit she needs Ty's help. This is a good read on the shorter side that I finished in about three hours. Just perfect for an evening of entertainment. So in summary this book is a perfect evening of fun, reasonably priced, and about a hot Alpha Fox and his lady. What are you waiting for? Get out of here and buy that book!
review 2: I've been anxiously awaiting this continuation of the Cougar Falls series. I love all the people of this AcTaw town. I wish it was a longer book though. I really enjoy the dynamics of these clans/packs/prides. Sassy strong females, protective alpha males who love their mates. Interesting conflicts both outside and inside their secret town. And of course, lots of shifter Lovin!!! I wasn't sure at first about this story because Ty was a little too arrogant and sure of himself when it came to conquering Julia. He didn't even plan on "claiming" her really. His goal initially was just to take her up on what she had previously offered. So his cocky attitude didn't quite sit right with me. I wanted him to just KNOW she was his and ache for her to be his mate right away. However, not to worry. It was a short story and it did not take long for them to fall in love and realize their true need to be together. It would have been fun to see him squirm a little more though. She was so in to him, she gave in pretty easily. But there is something to be said for her intense love for him. For short stories, they are well developed and deliciously layered. Its fun to try and figure out who's story will be next. less
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Wasn't bad, just short. 3.5 stars
Very predictable and shallow.
3.5 out of 5
3.5 stars
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