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Dead Eye (2013)

by Mark Greaney(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 1
0425269051 (ISBN13: 9780425269053)
Berkley Trade
Court Gentry
review 1: Okay, okay, we're getting somewhere. I've been feeling so bad for Court, wanting him to get back in to good graces with the powers that be so that he isn't always running and hiding, and we're seeing some movement here. The assassin with the hear of gold might find out who was behind blackballing him. He might find out what really happened and in the meantime he is taking out bad guys and saving the sort of good guys.
review 2: Court Gentry got burned by his own organization, the CIA, for reasons he doesn't understand. ("Burn Notice," anyone?) Through four books he has been tracked by every righteous CIA type, Russian criminal, and mercenary you can imagine. Because he is a very dangerous man, most of them pay an ugly price for getting close to him. In this nov
... moreel, the CIA uses another one of its prized killers to find Gentry and kill him but the killer isn't quite good enough. The series is good, though the best is "Ballistic," the third novel. This one stretches things a twist too far, a bit too repetitiously, though a scene in which Gentry is pursued across snow-covered rooftops is pretty good. I'll read the next one, though. less
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Another interesting read. I've enjoyed all four books in this series and will be hoping for more.
Love this series. Although, the ending of this one was a little hard to believe.
The best of the 4 Gray Man books so far. Please keep up the good work.
The best book on Court Gentry.
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