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The Alpine Winter (2000)

by Mary Daheim(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
Emma Lord Mystery
review 1: This 23rd outing for small-town newspaper publisher Emma Lord finds Emma and Milo finally acknowledging their feelings for each other. Emma is worried about how her priest brother and priest son will take the news. Milo is still technically married to Old Mulehide, which is a problem for Emma's brother, and Emma is afraid her son will think she is dishonoring the memory of his father.All the recurring characters pop up in this story, and it's good to hear from them all. Vida Runkel, Emma's House and Home Editor, is dealing with her terror of a grandson; Emma's star reporter, Mitch goes off the rails when his son breaks out of prison; and the post master brings a box of bones that may or may belong to his missing mother. In between doing her job, taking tentative steps t... moreo a real relationship with Milo, spending time with her brother and son, and trying to figure out what's going on with her star reporter, Emma also has to figure out who has it in for her - literally, someone tries to burn down her cabin with her in it, and then tries to blow up Milo.All the plot threads are skillfully drawn together by the end, making for a very satisfying ending. Some series tend to grow stale for me, but not this one. This is just as good as book 1. I do recommend reading these in order, as one builds on the other.
review 2: This was a pretty good read, although there are some things that I wish Daheim would change. The Vida character is getting a bit irritating, as many other reviewers have said, you'd think that Emma would put Vida in her place. And come on with the hats, give it a rest. However, it seems like the Emma/Mila relationship is finally morphing into something reasonable (how long do you carry a torch for Tom after all), but the mystery here is pretty darn good, and it kept my interest. So even with a few irritating character flaws, overall the book was well written, the characters developing, and the who dun it was a good one. Looking forward to picking up the next in the series (Xanadu). less
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Lots going on and the ending was a bit "fractured," but enjoyed Emma's relationship with Dodge.
The past again comes calling and this time it seems someone is out to kill Emma and Milo.
I like her Bed & Breakfast series, but the Alpine series doesn't do much for me.
Typical alpine fluffy mystery but with a disappointing ending.
I love this series.
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