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Les Vivants (2014)

by Matt de la Pena(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 3
222113933X (ISBN13: 9782221139332)
Robert Laffont
The Living
review 1: This book was a perfect balance between story and side stories. while this dose seem like a romance when you get into it, its really not in the end. this is because in the romance the guy would get the girl or vise versa, while in this book the guy (in this case the main charter shy) did not get the girl because she was already egaged. looking past this the book was overall very good, despite it being by a very new author. In conclusion i liked this book and im looking forward to the sequel.
review 2: One part mystery, one part survival story, Matt de la Pena creates a unique YA adventure with interesting characters and a compelling plot. Shy, the protagonist, is swept up in a mystery beyond his understanding during his summer working on a cruise ship, but befo
... morere he can get some answers, disaster strikes the ship and changes the lives of Shy and his friends. This is the first de la Pena novel that I have read; here, he creates and interesting cast of characters and moves his plot along quickly with some vivid description thrown in. Shy is a smart, likable main character, and de la Pena surrounds him with a variety of unique characters with their own stories, including the beautiful Carmen, the spoiled Addie, and the mysterious Shoeshine. The story's conclusion, which seems rushed, promises a sequel in the fall of 2014, yet the follow up is now scheduled for May, 2015. Annoying, but if Book 2 is the quality of The Living, it may just be worth the wait. less
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It was a bit predictable, but had tons of action. I will be looking for other books in the series.
It was really really good and I couldn't put the book down.
FL Teen Reads 14-15Good read for both males and females.
it was a good read and i cant wait to read the next book
I can't wait till the hunted comes out
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