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The Living (2013)

by Matt de la Pena(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
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The Living
review 1: I am usually a fan of a good disaster or a good virus/pandemic book, but the author put both of these ideas together in just a little over 30 pages. There was almost too much going on, but not enough at the same time. I think if the author had stuck with the earthquake/tsunami or the virus - not both - it might have been a good read. I will try something else by this author, though, as it might just be that I picked the wrong book for my personal tastes.
review 2: What a crazy story. Each part of this novel seems like a different genre, which ought to be confusing, and is somewhat. Yet, de la Pena writes each genre well, and in a manner which keeps the reader turning pages. The characters sound real and make completely realistic and understandable choices
... more. Unfortunately, it was a bit predictable, which made me wish even more that it had just been one complete story, rather than a series (or, I'm betting, a trilogy). It's not a bad ride, though, and I'd be willing to see where it goes. less
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This is a really unique book! I've never read anything like it! Good to have in a book collection!
Now I have to read the rest of them, darn it! Gripping, visceral, fast-paced...
An interesting book about survival. It has a sequel called the Forgotten
Great book i suggest it.
It was pretty good
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