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We Are In A Book! (2010)

by Mo Willems(Favorite Author)
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1423133080 (ISBN13: 9781423133087)
Elephant & Piggie
review 1: Picture Book/Beginning Reader:This is one book in a series about two friends, Piggie and Elephant. Piggie and Elephant realize that they are in a book and that you are reading it. It's a funny story that thoroughly engages the reader. The major theme in this book is friendship. I think that the best way to use this with students is in a read-aloud to encourage students' interest in reading other Piggie and Elephant books independently. These books fly off library shelves!
review 2: This is an adventure featuring Piggie the pig and Gerald the elephant. When the reader starts to read the book Piggie and Gerald don't realize that what they are saying to each other is being read by a reader. But once they realize it they make it into a game to see what they ca
... moren each make the reader say. It gets pretty silly but it is a very fun book none the less. An activity for this book is that I would get the students into groups of three and have one person be the reader and the other two be piggie and gerald and they would all get to act out their parts in the book in front of the class. Citation- We are in a book!By: Willems, Mo..Hyperion2010 less
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The ongoing saga of Piggy and Gerald.But this one is especially funny. My 6 y/o loves it.
silly. connects reader with book in an unusual way.
This is my favorite Elephant and Piggie book.
So freaking wonderfully meta.
This book was really cute!
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