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Red Hot Deadly Peppers (2012)

by Paige Shelton(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 1
Berkley Prime Crime
review 1: Becca travels to Arizona in this short story to learn from a farmer's market out West. I like the full-size novels in this series, but I really loved this short story. I enjoyed seeing Becca in a different setting learning about hot peppers and solving a murder. I actually enjoyed her character even more on her own away from her sister and her boyfriend. Readers who have been following the series should enjoy this short series, but it is also a great introduction to the main character for those who haven't read the series.
review 2: I'm using the GR definition of two stars here: it was ok. Becca is in Arizona, researching another farmer's market and stumbles across a murdered man. She get's sucked into the mystery and investigation a bit unwittingly. The st
... moreory is a light, quick read but I think I prefer the novella's that add a bit of backstory, or fill in a bit of history for one or more of the characters and their relationships with each other. This one was more an "out-of-time" short story. Still, I don't consider it at all a waste of time to have read it and if anyone likes the series, I wouldn't steer them away from this. less
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A fun appetizer to tomorrow's new release in this series.
okay read, series
Good lil read
Loved it!
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