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The Ask And The Answer (2009)

by Patrick Ness(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 5
1406310263 (ISBN13: 9781406310269)
Walker Books Ltd.
Chaos Walking
review 1: I thought Ness couldn't top The Knife of Never Letting Go. I was way off. His characters are the very definition of complex. The heroes waver, the villains can be sympathized with, and the narrative can take turns you never expected. There are moments where I absolutely hated Todd in the best possible ways, especially because I saw myself in in him so often. The twists and revelations in this second volume of Chaos Walking aren't so explosive, but the nuance in the delivery of the moments that surprise the characters are no less gripping. Most surprising was the way he was able to turn an absolute villain into someone worthy of sympathy... and even tears. I've stayed up late finishing books, but I've never lost sleep thinking about what happened and what was to come as muc... moreh as when I came to the end of this one.
review 2: THIS BOOK!! I haven't read a book that's caused me this much emotional turmoil since maybe The Bronze Horseman! One of the most stressful, conflicting and thoughtful books I've read to date. Which COMPLETELY took me by surprise! I liked the first book, it was good but this book was phenomenal! A definite page turner! The characters in this book were just so amazingly well done! Patrick Ness had me hating characters I loved and then loving them again and vice versa! Which is crazy! Not only are the characters so well done but the plot itself had so many underlying complex and IMPORTANT themes throughout the book. It really felt like a portrait of human beings and why we are the way we are. Also I have never seen character development done so well! I went from seeing Todd as a little confused 14 year old to a real man by the end of the book. Same goes for Viola! And their relationship really develops in this book and I love them together! A new favorite! I need the third book! less
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Weakest of the series, but needed to get from here to there.
Great book, better than the first one I think.
I hate the killings and torture...
Patrick Ness does it again!
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