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Jonathan And The Big Blue Boat (2011)

by Philip C. Stead(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 5
1596435623 (ISBN13: 9781596435629)
Roaring Brook Press
review 1: This book was very wonderful. It had illustrations that included clippings from newspaper, and they were very colorful. The words were altered to look what they sounds like. For example, when the animals were snoring the letters started out small, got big, then got small again to mimic the snoring noise. This book can teach children how to make friends because as the story goes on Jonathan becomes friends with whoever he meets and invites them along on his journey to find his bear.
review 2: Love the illustrations in this book. I’m unfamiliar with the artistic medium used by Stead, but it definitely has texture. It appears to be cutouts of maps and stamps that have been pieced together and painted on using watercolors. My only criticism of this book is the
... more story is not as strong as some of Stead’s other books. There doesn’t appear to be any theme to the story and the plot doesn’t develop in any real creative way. However, I’m an adult and I think a child would enjoy the story of how a boy searched the world on a big blue boat for his teddy bear. less
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While this quirky title isn't one that I would choose for storytime...
Loved the illustrations a lot...the story...not so much.
Great friendship story.
It was very creative.
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