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            Don’t tell author Ted Tayler, I am having a virtual affair with his character, Phoenix. Like a hungry lover, I wait for each new book in his series, eager to learn what my vigilante hero is up to. Even his relationship with the beautiful Athena has not put me off. In the latest book, Revenge Comes In Many Colours: The Phoenix Series Book 9, Phoenix does what he does best; he breaks rules.

Following up on the actions of the nefarious Hugo Hanigan and the brilliant but evil organization he steers, The Grid, Phoenix and the crew make more strikes at the group. But the mysterious Hanigan has more problems than The Olympus Project. The crime kingpin has enemies he might suspect but doesn’t have enough sense to fear.

While Hanigan sits in his tower, believing he is omnipotent despite hairline cracks in his empire, Phoenix gets down and dirty with some of the shifty, heartless underlings who bleed the poor dry. He does it without the “permission” of the Project and outside of their rules; rules he himself had a hand in creating.

Meanwhile, back at home base, life goes on as naturally as a vigilante group can. Athena balances her role as wife and mother, with the challenge of overseeing the activities of the Project. On the surface, normal life seems to continue and outsiders who have relationships with members of the group go blissfully along, unaware of the deeds that must be done to remove evil influences from Britain.

Henry Case, a man whose mission is often dark and deadly, has fallen head over heels for the Reverend Sarah Gough. However, the sweet Sarah has no notion of the shadowy activities that go on at Larcombe Manor. Henry is caught between a rock and a hard place. If Sarah learns of the requirements of his position, will she walk away, horrified?

Athena’s and Phoenix’s baby girl, Hope, is going to be christened. Sarah is the officiant. She and Henry are once again exploring their growing relationship. But, Henry ponders how their affair could be derailed by what she might learn. In addition, he feels guilty hiding that part of his life from the kind-hearted Reverend.

And what of the newest council member, Ambrosia, who has goals of her own; goals that may disrupt the inner workings of Olympus? As relationships are formed, the heart of the series remains the constant battle between the vigilantes and the criminal groups they seek to eliminate.

As always, author Ted Tayler leaves readers with a tantalizing cliffhanger. Colleen O’Riordan, the wife of the late head of an arm of the Grid, is feeling her muscle. The only person standing between her and her goal of attaining the master position of Grid-mother. Her only path to this lofty role is to eliminate Hanigan who holds the reins as tightly as a suckling baby does his mother’s breast. Like all talented evil-doers, she realizes assassination is her only viable path to success. Unable to perform the dirty deed herself, she must choose a champion. Who will be her knight gallant and will he (or she) manage to dethrone Hanigan?

As with all the Phoenix books, this latest addition offers lots of action and intrigue, while separating the daily lives of the characters. These are damaged humans, struggling to right wrongs while often utilizing nefarious methods.

I can’t wait for my next assignation with the sexy and capable Phoenix. Please don’t let Athena or the author know of my obsession.


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