HOT PURSUIT – A Julie Ann Walker Review

I’m so in love. SO SO in love with Christian. Ozzie will always be my main BKI man but Christian and his smooth talking ways have rushed right up to second place.

We’ve spent years alongside the BKI crew and nothing has been as entertaining as the back and forth teasing between the former SAS operative Christian and the sassy-mouthed office manager Emily. There’s always been a clear chemistry just waiting to burst the sheets in to flames but Walker delivers in just the right amounts to readers.

We pick up on Christian, Emily, Angel, Ace, and Rusty right where they split from Dagan’s book previously. As they are on the run for their lives, it clicks for Christian that he truly does love Emily. He spends time wooing her while letting her think that he’s only in it for the sex. While a new and mysterious villain comes after Christian, he’s got to also battle Emil’s fear of her past.

There’s no lack of action in Hot Pursuit. The classic kick butt knights are still kicking, even when on the run. And ACE…..OMG….I want Ace to have his own book! This plot line has got to be filled with gold and I’m really hoping that Walker can finish it out to the direction I believe it’s heading. I won’t spoil that one for y’all