Little Sister 3 (Pages 222- the End)



I really loved the end of the book. Kate realises she has made a mistake. Gabrielle, the liaison officer at the embassy, tells her that after the journalist’s meddling, the diving volunteers have stopped the search, and the police will take over instead, but they are not there yet. As Kate keeps surfing the net, she realises that Anya used her computer to look up sites about cave diving, so now she knows that Anya is in that cave she said she could never gone in. She tries to talk to Gabrielle, and then she calls Will, begging him to make the Mexican police continue the search there.

From Anya’s perspective we see how things went with Rafa. She started to distrust him as he made a few mistakes and came on to her. The way he looked at her made her suspect him of first not being a proper professional and then of some unclear intentions. Yet, she still goes diving with him. We don’t learn what happens until the very end. But while she is reminiscing, she keeps talking to Emily. I find her attachment to Emily totally heartbreaking. I can only imagine that what happened to Anya is something she will never be able to get over. I actually cried when reading whenever Emily was referred to by both Anya and Kate. I have to say that I was more into Emily’s tragedy and the ramifications of the event than in the present day happenings to save Anya.

In the end Will convinces the police to send the voluntary divers again and continue the search. The police officer in charge is clearly upset as the journalist that Kate contacted made him look unprofessional and corrupt. Will finally gets to him, and the search continues. First, they find Will’s lifeless body, and when Kate expects the wost to happen, Anya is rescued. She is very sick for days, and when she comes round and sees Will there for her, she is emotional.

The last chapter shows Anya in her sister’s house talking to the first journalist that Kate talked to and disregarded the story. Claire, the journalist, is trying to make amends as her colleague messed things, and as Will promised to the Mexican police officer, she is going to praise the Mexican police and the volunteers as they should. From Anya’s memories we learn that what happened in the pool is that Anya got scared as Rafa kept using his knife to coerce her to go where he wanted. So what she did was to escape and try to leave the place, but then she got lost, but thankfully, she found that area in the cave and she could breathe and save her life. Anya doesn’t know what Rafa intended, but what she told the family is that they got separated and he died, trying to find her, but she will knever know.

We don’t know what happened between Will and Anya. I think there was some kind of understanding in the hospital, and he is there with her in the last chapter. I think after what happened, the two sisters came up with a better understanding of themselves and the family. We know that for thirteen years the two sisters have been mourning for their little sister, each one in their own way. I like it when an emotional Kate tells her husband how there is not one day when she doesn’t think of Emily and all she has missed out on. It was an emotional outburst and it moved me to tears. Kate reflects about what Emily’s death did to her parents. It is a pity how they ended up. Her mother has not returned to England since she went, as she is unable to face the past, and her father has hidden behidn that dragon of a woman he lives with.

I really love the book. It pulls at your heartstrings.

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