Sick Kids

The flu has been rough this year.  Everyone in my household has gotten sick and the severity of the flu is at an all time high.   The flu shot is important and for those of you avoiding it you’re just asking for trouble.

I tried to convince everyone in my household that the flu shot is important.   Just recently a 10 year old boy passes away from the flu.  The flu is not something to be as passive as you normally are about things.  This is serious.  The flu still claims lives in the first world countries.

Father/Husband – Flu shot is important and the flu itself is deadly.  Take care of your loved ones and watch out for symptoms.  For those who don’t believe in vaccinating their kids I feel sorry for the kids.  They are the one who are suffering because of horrible choices by their parents.  May god have mercy on them.

Mother/Wife – I don’t believe the flu is as deadly as people make it out to be.   I don’t have my flu shot this year.  Go figure she gets sick

Older Child – He knows when he is sick and should stay home and get healthy.  He also knows when his younger brother is sick and needs care.  This is as much as I could ask from a 4 year old.  He’s been great.  Let’s get healthy so I can reward you buddy!

Younger Child – He also knows when he is sick.  He knows when he needs to rest.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

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