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Zusje (2010)

by Rosamund Lupton(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 1
9022565335 (ISBN13: 9789022565339)
review 1: This was a surprisingly good book! Surprising because I thought the theme of sister vigilante had been pretty well explored and worked over, but Upton does a nice job of making it feel fresh. I love the "letter to my sister" format, although it was a little off-putting initially. If you are on chapter 2 or 3 and are trying to determine whether to keep going through the awkward format, do. I also liked the ending, although it wasn't really a surprise. And now for the good, the eh, and the ugly...The Good:Beatrice is relatable in her faults and failures. She seems real and sympathetic, but less than perfect. Maybe she is the first two because she is less than perfect.The atmospheric quality of the writing. I've never been to London, but I could "see" Hyde Park and the... more flat clearly.The supporting characters. They felt real as well, and they were interesting, for the most part (exceptions below).The ...Eh...It seems almost wrong to say it, but...Tess. She just felt a little too sprightly and scattered. I wanted to like her, but I kept picturing pregnant fairy Barbie instead of a real live person.The Narcissistic Playboy Photographer - While I'd like to see his picture of the prison made of babies' faces, he just didn't seem believable. I kept seeing Mick Jagger (the old one) instead of the character being described.Dr. Nichols & Dr. Rosen - little too much stereotype, little too little real person...The Ugly...William. From his first appearance in the novel, my eyes were rolling. In this novel, the good definitely outweighs the bad. It's a fun book, with some moments of spectacular writing, and for someone who loves the power of words, that's a winning combination.
review 2: British woman sets out to solve the mystery of her younger sister's death, which she refuses to believe was a suicide, placing herself in mortal danger as she also learns to be less reserved and more open to people. Interesting story overall, but the narrative device became tiresome for me - the story is narrated as a letter to the younger sister. Many passages are beautifully written nevertheless. less
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Wauw, wat een intrigerend boek was dit zeg, ik had steeds moeite het weer weg te leggen.
I love discovering a new author. Sister was very good. I can't wait to read Afterwards.
A quick read but a hard tale and too sad for me !
that plot twist though
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