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Depois (2011)

by Rosamund Lupton(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 3
Civilização Editora
review 1: A mother, Grace, and daughter, Jenny, are seriously injured in a private school fire. Grace receives a critical head injury that leaves her in a coma. Jenny is severely burned and may die. Her heart is failing and only a transplant can save her. Although the fire appears to be an accident, it soon becomes clear it was set on purpose, with the goal of killing Jenny. As Grace and Jenny lay unconscious in their hospital beds, their spirits connect with each other and follow family members, medical personnel, and police investigators as they eventually solve the crime. Lupton is a beautiful writer and in her hands this story seems plausible. A lesser writer could turn it into soap opera. The novel takes place over a period of a few days, is set in London, and is page turning... more. It is a sad but sweet story that shows the extreme power of love. Although unbelievable in the real world, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
review 2: I am pretty mean with giving a full 5 stars to any book, but this one I think is deserving. The concept was very interesting, the narration is by a lady called Gracie, who is in a coma suffering severe brain damage following an accident. She is for the main part, speaking to her husband and has basically come out of her body, to try and find out who started a fire that almost killed her daughter and has left her in this situation. There was a fire at her son's school on Sports Day, her 17 year old daughter, Jenny, a former pupil, was on first aid duty that day in the school. When Gracie finds that Jenny is still in the burning building, she rushes in to save her. Part of a ceiling collapses on Gracie hitting her on the head, as she drags a badly burned Jenny from the building. Gracie then finds herself detached from her physical body at the hospital and finds Jenny in a similar situation, having been put into an induced coma. The fire was deliberate and so Gracie and Jenny set out to find out what happened and was Jenny the target of the arsonist. Following the story of the arson kept me interested in itself, but the story of the relationship between Gracie and her husband and children was just as riveting. Seldom does a book move me to tears, but this one did towards the end. The love of a mother for her children was so well written and powerful, it had real impact. I loved this book, I did not want to put it down, I hope there are others to follow soon from this author. less
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Beautifully written, thought provoking with a cracking thriller mystery spin too. Loved it.
Not read sister but really quite enjoyed this, excellent holiday fodder.
Clever idea but didnt really work for me
Heartbreakingly wonderful!
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