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Prayers For Sale (2009)

by Sandra Dallas(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 1
0312385188 (ISBN13: 9780312385187)
St. Martin's Press
review 1: Prayers for Sale takes place in Colorado and so it had my heart right away. In a gold mining town, there isn't much for the women to do other than quilting and visiting. I loved watching the characters form strong bonds as they worked side by side. It also has a beautiful title. The main character says at one point, and I paraphrase, "I feel so blessed, I have prayers for sale." That thought has really stuck with me and I love the thankfulness and optimism of that statement.
review 2: This was my second Sandra Dallas novel and I wasn't disappointed. This woman's writing style is like slipping into a pair of your oldest most comfortable pair of jeans you own. I'm from Southwest Colorado, the Durango area and this story takes place high up in the Rockies near Den
... morever and Leadville during 1936. Basically a story about friendship, forgiveness and life in a mining town. I'm usually not much of a connoisseur of women's literature, but I truly enjoyed this novel. It really brought back memories of life in the mountains. less
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Mid 1930's Colorado, story of survival and relationship between two women of different generations.
Reminded me of pioneer literature like the Little House on the Prairie books which I still love.
I loved this book. Another good one by Sandra Dallas. She continues to not disappoint.
Loved the setting, characterization and development of the story.
Loved it!
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