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Enthüllungen 4: Vergeltung (2014)

by Scarlett Edwards(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 4
Edwards Publishing
Uncovering You
review 1: There is nothing i can say. This will be the last i read of their story. I cannot get a grip in the reality of the situation. I couldn't connect to either of them and honestly Jeremy was soft! Yes he succeeded in his mind games but they never affected Lilly the way they should. She is just all wrong for what he wants to do or either he is just not the right on to break her. OAN: What is the reasoning behind Lilly's capture????? I figured after 4 books i would know!
review 2: This book is like a car crash in slow motion. You do NOT know where anything is going but you can't stop watching. It is so well written. I have a Love/Hate relationship with these books. One moment I'm cheering in my seat, enjoying that there in fact be hope. Then, all a sudden, with shak
... morey hands I have to put the book down and do a couple a laps around the house, because the hope that once flooded my pathetic little heart was rip away leaving me raw and fearful for Lilly's safety. SPOILERS***I don't know the kind of relationship Jeremy's maid, Rose, has with him. I don't know but I suspect it maybe familial *hint hint* dear ol' mom. Possibly, not 100%, maybe 15% sure?. Anyways I just want to know what is Stoneheart's end game. If he wanted to be curl, do it, he has before. But I don't understand way he must romancer her if he will beat her and humiliate her for giggles later. It bullshit.I love this book because it GREAT but dark and evil too. less
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Hmmm just when I thought Jeremy was showing some warmth he acts like a damn pig - what a shame '
I hate Jeremy!!!This is soooo good can't stop reading!!!
well i just hope it has different ending.
too short for the price...moving on.
3.5/4 stars
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