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Bastian's Storm (2014)

by Shay Savage(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
Shay Savage, LLC
Surviving Raine
review 1: The beginning was a bit dry, but as it progressed I was really into it. And not to mention the crass comments that kept me laughing out loud. However the best part was when the book included Evan Arden. Bastian & Evan scene after the avalanche fall was enough for me to give 5 stars for this book.I recommend really The Evan Arden Trilogy before reading this series to understand more of Evan's character.
review 2: First of all: the cover is atrocious. Call me shallow, but I laughed every time I saw it. This book was just okay for me. I wasn't too interested in the tournaments or anything, and Raine and Bastian's relationship dipped a little for me. For the most part, I can just say it was alright. I don't really have much else to say. I'm a little disappointed, b
... moreut I was prepared for it from reviews I'd read. Oh well. less
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This was a great ending to this series. Now I want to explore Evan Arden. Love the male POV side.
so like... let's just look beyond the cover, because the story was actually pretty good LOL
love this book!
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