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Alarm (2014)

by Shay Savage(Favorite Author)
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Shay Savage, LLC
review 1: Great book with such a sweet ending. Chloe has always lived a life of routine - not really living at all and never taking a risk. She's out to dinner with friends when she bumps into the smoking hot tattooed giant Aiden Hunter. Chloe is drunk and ends up passing out while Aiden is trying to her home, not knowing her address he has to take her to where he's staying. Chloe finds out Aiden is just visiting and Aiden convinces her to go back to his home in Florida with him for a week of vacation. Chloe knows that Aiden is hiding something about his past and believes because of all his tattoos that he's a drug dealer or criminal of some sort. Aiden's past makes an unexpected appearance and their blooming relationship is put to the test.This is a fantastic story - I really love ... morethat Aiden is always pushing Chloe To step out of her comfort zone and try new things. It's makes the story really relatable. The characters are well written and the story flowed well. I'm giving a 4 star rating because the 1st chapter was a bit slow and I understand the title was "alarm" but it was overused in the book several times. All in all a great read though! ~Lee'Anne
review 2: Man oh man, there is just something unique about Shay Savage's writing. I have read most of her books and although they are all totally different, I loved each and every one. I've said it before and I will say it again, she just has a way with out of the box characters that draws you in.Aiden Hunter is a man of mystery on the outside, built like a brick s-house, loaded with tattoos and has lots of attitude. One look at him tells people all they need to know, or does it?? He is in town on business, meets Chloe and wants to know her a bit better. Chloe lives life safe, her parents taught her well. She thinks before she speaks, has a nice, safe job, nice condo, nice paid off car and no real life to speak of. She is a girl with a routine, one even she is getting tired of. Other than a few good friends, Chloe finds herself spending most of her down time alone. On a rare night out, Chloe meets the tall, dark, dangerous Aiden and the sparks fly. Her internal alarm goes off with everything thing he does and says. There is nothing remotely safe about Aiden Hunter and all signs point for her to get away as quick as she can. Chloe ends up doing so much stuff with Aiden that she would have never done on her own and enjoying it. At times she wonders who this new Chole is and where will she go when it's all over. There is something about Aiden and they way he lives his life to the fullest, with a purpose, like it's just too short. Chloe knows he is hiding stuff from her and from what she has learned thus far, it can only be bad. The beginning of the book is necessary setup for the story to flow, by mid-book Aiden is so sexy I can hardly stand it and at the end I was almost brought to tears. I will admit to slight welling up, but I kept it in check. The book is well written and the story line unfolds brilliantly towards the end. less
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