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The Medusa Project: The Set-Up (2009)

by Sophie McKenzie(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 2
Simon & Schuster UK
Medusa Project
review 1: I think its a great book and best character is Nico of course ....and well in this book Ed seems to be rude but i think after reading the other books you would like Ed . Ketty and Dylan are not shown important .... and this book tells that how one day HE suddenly knows that he that means nico has powers and has the curiosity about knowing how and from where it came and tries to find answers to the questions raised in his mind which are not answered by his Godfather.
review 2: This is book #1 in a series called The Medusa Project. A man named William Fox injected 4 unborn children with an experimental gene through their mothers' umbilicus in a government experiment to create people with psychic abilities. Too late it was discovered that the mothers were also inf
... moreected with a cancer causing virus that caused their early demises. The formula was hidden away and the anonymous children scattered. Now it's 14 years later, William Fox is dead, and the children's various psychic abilities have awakened with puberty. Nico, who lives with his stepfather, William Fox's brother and head master at a boarding school, was told by his stepfather that he has an evil ability and to never use it. However, there's a man who convinces Nico that he can obtain all he wants, and what he wants is a girl named Ketty, if he performs using his talent. Too late Nico discovers that he and the others are being exploited for evil. I had mixed emotions about this book. It's well written and had some exciting parts but it's rather similar to other books I've read. I'm sure that I will want to read the next book, though. less
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GOOD BOOK, but i don't like Nico, because he keeps saying that "omg... ketty is so pretty...." etc.
A thrilling, heart warming and mysterious book with exciting moments and characters from the start.
very fun series to follow
Kept me reading
amazing book.
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