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The Set Up (2009)

by Sophie McKenzie(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 2
1847385257 (ISBN13: 9781847385253)
Simon & Schuster Children's
Medusa Project
review 1: A fairly decent start to the Medusa Project series. It’s a little predictable at times, and the characters (both teenagers and adults) come across as being more than a little naïve most of the time, but it’s still a pretty good read that will appeal to the younger end of the teen spectrum (I think it would be most enjoyable to the 12-to-15 age bracket). I found the main characters to be somewhat lacking in depth, but perhaps that will be built upon as the series progresses. Despite its flaws, I think I’ll most likely pick up the other books at the library eventually.
review 2: I am not sure how I feel about this book. I was enjoying it and either its my mood or I rushed to judgment when I ordered the next 2 books. I enjoyed parts of it, but, I am NOT a b
... moreig fan of love triangles and that is what this is shaping up to be for at least a book or two. I do have to remember that it is a teen book. But, all I kept asking myself is do teenagers really act like this. All of them drove me nuts. If they all were not so annoying I could have loved the book and been a definite five stars. But, these teens are the teens that made me not want to teach anyone who was not an adult. Too much hardheadedness and jumping to action without any real thought. They just literally made me want to scream. My trainer did remind me, when I was lifting weights and screaming about it, that when a book elicits strong emotions then the writer might be doing something right. She definitely did that! I will read the others and probably scream at these kids all the way. less
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I admit the storyline can be a little bit confusing, but still a brilliant read
It is one of the best nooks I have ever read
Quite predictable at times.
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