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Beach Balls (2012)

by Tara Lain(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 4
Etopia Press
Balls to the Wall
review 1: Another excellent addition to the series, it departed from the usual circle a little though Jerry and Rodney still made an appearance. I loved Adam and Sky, they were more different then other couples in the series but they worked it out in the end and came to a compromise. They were really good for each other and I was so happy that they got together in the end. I loved the ending where he started working things out with his parents as well as they (namely they're reaction when he came out at 17 before 'jumping straight back in the closet') were the reason he'd been hiding that he was gay for so long, even though he wasn't happy hiding who he was.
review 2: These two did a good job of meeting in the middle. I liked how they were the catalyst for each other to
... morechange, rather than it all being one man needing to change (come out, whatever) for the other one. I'm not really a tree-hugger, but I can appreciate taking the ecology into account when planning developments, so I really liked that that was the way the author took the story as well. Plus, Sky and Adam were HOT together! less
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I always enjoy a light and fun read. No matter the plot or background these are very fun stories.
Oooh, I love the boys on this cover! Total eye candy!
That was really sweet. I liked it.
I really enjoyed this story!
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