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Tant Qu'il Y Aura Des Ducs (2014)

by Tessa Dare(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 1
2290073814 (ISBN13: 9782290073810)
J'ai Lu
Spindle Cove
review 1: Instead of a 'spinster' finding true love, it is a rake. I loved all the facets of this story. Pauline' s sister, her love of books, and her undying determination. However, I do find the situation implausible. Cinderella stories rarely happen today much less then. You come to really care for Griffin' s mother. I guess, I loved the characters but found the reality of their situation lacking. But that is why it is called fiction! The epilogue is PERFECT!!
review 2: Her, I'll take her. Griff has been drugged by his mother and taken to an inn in Spindle Cove (Spinster Cove to Griff) and is to choose a bride from the ladies in the room. He picks the serving girl in order to annoy his mother. Thus begins a bizarre week with the Duchess of Halford (mother) teach
... moreing Pauline how to be duchess material and Griffin encouraging her to be a natural disaster at it.There's a lot of very funny dialogue. Here's one with the Duchess of Halford correcting her after she used the word "cor" as an exclamation:"Miss Simms," his mother said, "if you think you can trick me into repeating your vulgarities, you will be disappointed. Suffice it to say, slang, blasphemy, and cursing have no place in a lady's vocabulary. Much less a duchess's.""Oh. I see. So your grace never curses.""I do not.""Words like cor...bollocks...damn...devil...blast...bloody hell..." She pronounced the words with relish, warming to her task. "They don't cross a duchess's lips?""No.""Never?""Never."Miss Simms's fair brow creased in thought. "What if a duchess steps on a tack? What if a gust of wind steals a duchess's best powdered wig? Not even then?""Not even when an impertinent farm girl provokes a duchess to a simmering rage," she replied evenly. "A duchess might contemplate all manner of cutting remarks and frustrated oaths. But even in the face of extreme annoyance, she stifles any such ejaculations.""My," Miss Simms said, wide-eyed. "I do hope dukes aren't held to the same standard. Can't be healthy for a man, always stifling his ejaculations."And there are many more witty conversations. less
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Dare is always enjoyable. I just wish she'd go with a slightly less saccharine ending sometimes.
I loved this book. There I said it! This book was pure entertainment and I loved it!
No stars. Unreadable drivel. Could not finish this.
Poignant and funny at times. Good story.
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