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Everyday Church: Gospel Communities On Mission (2012)

by Tim Chester(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 5
1433532220 (ISBN13: 9781433532221)
review 1: Compelling and challenging description of church as it ought to be, much more than a one hour Sunday big group activity. The picture of the church is drawn from 1 Peter and focuses on encouraging church to be on the streets, so to speak, with Christians doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality in their homes, workplaces, schools, clubs, neighborhoods, etc. Fun read. Was great to read in conjunction with Porterbrook material and especially alongside our sermon series in 1 Peter.
review 2: Provocative at times, repetitive at others. Lays out the advantages of gospel communities over traditional church. This is decentralised church where the action of life is at the periphery rather than on a Sunday morning. This has much to be commended. The authors are d
... moreown on normal church but this is because their focus is on what happens outside Monday through Saturday. Got a bit irritated by the 'we hate Christendom' line that filled the first few chapters. Yeah we get it. Overall interesting and challenging but not really a great development past their earlier and simply better book 'Total Church'. less
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One or two quibbles, but this would revolutionize Christian witness in the UK/US, were it applied.
Helpful. Clear. The best book I've read on gospel communities to date.
Really helpful - the best thing I have read on this subject.
Fantastic read. Also recommend Total Church
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