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Dead Angels (2013)

by Tim O'Rourke(Favorite Author)
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Kiera Hudson Series Two
review 1: Im almost at a loss for words & you have no idea how rare that is for me.This latest installment in the Kiera Hudson Series wasn't filled with the amount of bloody-messy-gore that were used to in this series, but dives into the darket side of Horror. A darker side of human nature that fills you with dread just reading it. In this I found a villian far scarier than any hes penned before. I wont dive into the plot & ruin the story for anyone, the biggest thrill of Mr. O'Rourkes books is the unknown. You never really know where these books are gonna take you. I will say this one gripped me from the 1st page, left me in full out tears & still hasn't let go some hours later. I just can't stop thinking about it. That is a sign of outstanding storytelling in my eyes. On a side no... morete, you must read all of Tim O'Rourkes books. Not just both Kiera Hudson series, but also both Black Hill Farms books & Doorways. All three series have elements in them that are spun together quite beautifully. You wont be missing something or get lost in the Kiera books by not having read the others, theres no fear of that. BUT if you have read ALL of his books & you pick up on these interwoven threads, it will leave you with a huge smile on your face a feeling of wonder & a whole new appreciation for this Author. He really is quite brilliant.I am so gratefull that Amazon threw Vampire Shift on my recommend list last year. You really must follow this Author. Trust me, you will not regret it =)
review 2: "Books are like doorways. Open it and you can step right into a whole new world"This is so true and why I lurve this author, every book takes you on the journey, I never just feel like a reader I'm their in the thick of the action. As you would expect from Tim O'Rourke you are transported into the world of Kiera, Potter, Isidor and Kayla and its non stop action. I can always envision the scenes in the story, whether I'm taken to The Ragged Cove, Hollowed Manor or The Great Western Railway and I know the characters as if they were firm friends !! This book literally starts were the last book Dead Flesh finished, so there's no messing around you get straight back into the action !! Sam is very ill after his wolf bonding being interrupted and as a half breed wolf boy he is not only a danger to himself but to the group. After much deliberation on his fate the gang agree to take him to the Fountain of Souls. As they leave Hollowed Manor it's not long before they have skin walkers on their trail. Taking shelter from a storm and hiding from the skin walkers the gang take shelter in a disused looking railway station and through the night Isidor tells the gang of how he first came above ground from the hollows, the people he met and where he has seen the term 'pushed' before. Although this book is called Kiera Hudson Dead Angels this book really belongs to Isidor, and my what a heart wrenching story he has to tell. We were introduced to the lovely Melody Rose who understood what is it like to be different, the interaction between her and Isidor was beautiful. We were also introduced to Ray the relationship between Ray and his father was disturbing, real and gritty and so well written. For Potter fans there is a good dollop of the handsome, grumpy, sarcastic one we all love to love!!Never before has a book made me as emotional as this one, be warned you will need tissues. Simply a beautiful, amazing addition to the marvel that is The Kiera Hudson series !! Congratulations Tim :o)"Just imagine if you could go someplace else - to a place where you could be happy. That would be magical right ?"Fingers crossed the gang all find their magical happy place, will be a sad day when this series ends !! less
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not long enough for my liking, could read him none stop
Lucky I read Potters stories.....Now on to Dead SETH!
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