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The Stepsister's Tale (2014)

by Tracy Barrett(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 2
037321121X (ISBN13: 9780373211210)
Harlequin Teen
review 1: An interesting adaption of the classic Cinderella story. Told from the point of view of the older step-sister,Jane, this book is quite slow moving. Isabella (Cinderella)is a spoiled brat but don't judge her too soon. Maude, the other step-sister, was kind of annoying. The prince is less than charming. The real appeal of this book lies in the romance between Jane and a certain woodcutter's son. The last few chapter are quite good though with many twists on the classic tale.
review 2: Fairy tale retellings are pretty common in the world of YA lit, but this stands out from the crowd because it stays faithful to the original tale, yet is more than just a telling from another character's point of view. What if everything you knew about Cinderella was wrong? What if
... moreshe had TOLD the prince she was mistreated by her stepsisters, but the truth was she rarely lifted a finger to help? What if the prince only appeared charming on the outside, but was actually a first-class jerk? What if the stepsister actually WANTED Cinderella to attend the ball? More than a retelling for retelling's sake, this truly makes the reader consider the source of stories, and puts a familiar tale in a brand new light. less
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Curious twist on Cinderella. At times a little too bleak for me, but mostly enjoyable.
Not super inventive but I liked the ending.
fantastic retelling
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