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How To Ravish A Rake (2012)

by Vicky Dreiling(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
0446565407 (ISBN13: 9780446565400)
How To
review 1: I think I'm rating this book very lowly because I expected a lot from it. Amy was introduced in the first book as the wallflower who had a good heart. I was looking forward to see her growth and expect it to be amazing, unfortunately, her story is underwhelming. The story revolves around Amy and William. William had just lost a lot of money gambling, which he was doing to fund a continental trip. He and his friends contrived a plan to earn the money by compromising an heiress so he could have access to her fortune. His first attempt was with Amy who caught on. He felt ashamed by his actions that he immediately scrapped the plan. They end up being compromised anyway by accident and end up marrying. He uses the money to pay his brother who paid the debtor. Their marriage sta... morerts off on shaky ground. Amy is heavily prejudiced against him because of his reputation. He doesn't really care for her. Amy is disappointed because she was hoping for a love match. She laid her situation out to him in that they are basically strangers. She imposed a courtship period where they won't consummate the marriage until he has proven that he is a good man. They end up falling for each other while keeping secrets from each other. Amy is working for money to save up in case he squanders the money away. William already spent a great amount to pay his gambling debt.She discovers his debt and leaves him. He appeals to his family for help. Juliana fetches her and they reconcile. I think this book didn't work for me because nothing much happened. The whole issue of trust was so drawn out that when they finally reconciled, it was done way too neatly. It was a very long problem and the solution came under a minute. It was as if the author didn't know how to end it properly. However, that problem was just one among many. I didn't really like Amy. I found her way too judgmental. I thought she was kind of a bitch really. I don't know what it is. I can't pinpoint to a specific situation but maybe when she is ready to judge others but forgive herself easily. I also don't buy the romance between the two. Will was just so disingenuous. He only cared about himself and charmed his way into a good position. This was just a terrible match up, which was a shame because I was expecting a lot more from Amy. I think it was too much a bad knock off of Lisa Kleypas' Devil in Winter. I say a bad knock off because it was a knock off and it was badly done. The good parts of How to Ravish a Rake were basically in Devil in Winter. Unlike Devil in Winter, Amy and Will couldn't create a charming story. I didn't care for them. They didn't grow as characters. I found their feelings for each other shallow, which might be because they are shallow. I thought Amy would have a core to her but she really didn't. Her failing was taking on the wallflower role. Well, what was she before? She didn't come out to society when she was a child. What was she before that? This was very disappointing. Judging from the previous book, I don't think this author's book is something to look forward to. I thought there was something there but this book and the previous was were just terrible.
review 2: I was thoroughly enjoying the characters and the plot of this quaint little novel and then it ended. Just like that. So I feel then need to reference Julia Quinn; she has all the same elements, yet doesn't stop the plot and development when they fall in love. I so wish other authors would cotton on to the fact that we, the readers, would like to know how they loved and found happiness as well as the fact that they did. This could've been a 5, but gets knocked downtown a 3.5 because of the abrupt ending. less
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Again fun, nice conclusion for all characters throughout the series.
this one was gud!!
Nice one
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