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My Wicked Little Lies (2012)

by Victoria Alexander(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
1420117068 (ISBN13: 9781420117066)
Sinful Family Secrets
review 1: My Wicked Little Lies by Victoria AlexanderEvelyn Hadley Attwater, Countess of Waterston was once a spy lnown as “Eve” for England’s most enigmatic agency. No one knows this, even her husband Adrian-Hadley Attwater, Earl of Waterston.Eve is asked to perform one last mission. She is assured that this will sever her ties to the agency forever. She accepts the mission and tries hard to make sure her husband does not suspect what she is up to.Adrian Hadley-Attwater also has secrets from his wife. Is this the time to reveal them or not?A good read by the Author
review 2: I wanted to love this book. Setup - clever, although it's been done before. A female spy who doesn't know her contact in the service except by the name "Sir" quits the service, marries, and
... moretries to live an ordinary life, only to find herself bored and pressed into service again. "Sir" is, of course, her husband; he doubts whether she loves him or "Sir" more. But no. Clever...but slowly plotted, and the "romance" itself didn't move me. I think it was because Eve was never really tempted by "Sir." Pah! Can't have a lovers' triangle when one of the legs of the triangle isn't desired anymore; and when that leg is a secret identity, it makes the real man look foolish for insisting that there's a conflict between the two of them. less
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Such an interesting premise! Very well-written and such a wonderful cast of characters. Loved it!
Cute comedy of manners.
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