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Strange Shores (2010)

by Arnaldur Indriðason(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
144815605X (ISBN13: 9781448156054)
Vintage Digital
Inspector Erlendur
review 1: A very good mystery set in Iceland, featuring Insp. Erlandur. It's a rather melancholy tale. The Inspector goes back to his old home in the mountains, He does this on a regular basis as it brings back memories of his missing brother, who was lost in a blizzard. Erlandur and his brother and father were out on the mountain looking for lost sheep, when a huge blizzard blew up out of nowhere.. The boys were separated from their father, and the boys became separated as well. Erlandur and his father survived, but his little brother was never found. This has haunted Erlandur through the years. On the trip, he hears about a woman who vanished on the mountain at the same time as his brother and decides to investigate. It's quite a sad story, but the Inspector finally solves t... morehe mystery of the woman's death and also, finally finds evidence of his brother's death and gets some measure of peace from that.
review 2: This installment in Arnaldur's series featuring the detective Erlendur focuses jointly on Erlendur's memories of the disappearance of his young brother in a blizzard many years earlier, and on the story of a woman from a nearby community who also disappeared during a winter storm. I didn't think the plot particularly compelling, and Erlendur's role is rather austere and solitary, but there's something about the Icelandishness and Arnaldur's spare but compelling prose that makes these stories hard to put down. less
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The ending was a really good end to the story. But I thought he comes back.
loved it - a very sweet and wrenching story - two stories intertwined
Excellent--as are all the books in this series.
Very good!
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