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Ossigeno (2009)

by Carol Cassella(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 5
8809759087 (ISBN13: 9788809759084)
review 1: Copied from book:Marie Heaton is an accomplished Seattle anesthesiologist who thrives on the precision and challenge of her job, until a nightmarish operating room disaster leaves a child dead and launches a complicated malpractice suit. Marie endures the weight of guilt, legal maneuvering, and the looming possibility of losing her career and her carefully ordered life, but thru it all her friend and colleague Joe Hillary becomes her source of support and possibly more. Meanwhile, Marie's family is also in turmoil. Her father is losing his sight, and without an intervention, a series of accidents could worsen into something more serious. Marie's sister is preoccupied with caring for her own family, and although Marie has been estranged from her father for years, she can no... more longer justify keeping herself at a distance. As her life and career fall to pieces, Marie uncovers the fault lines of responsibility, betrayal, and truth that can divide us, and the conviction and love that, like oxygen-can sustain us.I would like Jeff to read and make notes throughout. I guessed the "surprise" at the beg. (Note: have no idea what that surprise is now that I'm typing this 4 years later!)
review 2: This book was everything I wanted in a book. Psychological without being overly "counselory" (or creepy, I don't like creepy). A good number of twists with that unpredictability that really rivets you to the outcome. I was very pleased with this read. I think the author did a good job of wrapping up loose ends, which is always something that bugs me in a book (if I still have questions at the end). You know she created a good protagonist when a mom of three young children (whom have all needed care that I entrusted to medical professionals) can still feel that sense of empathy and loss for the potential "causer" of the pain...and still want her to prevail, even if it meant she was at fault for something. Much enjoyed this book :) less
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Perfect for a road trip. Medical, but not too technical. Reminded me a bit of Picoult.
Good, but a little bit predictable.
plot took too long to grab me
finally finished
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