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Meet Cécile (2011)

by Denise Lewis Patrick(Favorite Author)
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American Girl
American Girls: Marie-Grace and Cécile
review 1: This book was amazing! I love how both the first book and the second book are about the same thing, but in the views of two different people. It's also nice how even though the main events in both books are present, there are also differences that make both books, well, different. Another reason I really love this book is that there are French words in it!! Actual real French words!! Now you may be wondering why that matters. Well, I take French and it's just so cool to see how much I understand the language and how I know what it all means without having to translate it to English in my head!! It makes me so proud and happy. I guess this book really boosts my ego :)I also love the fact that while this book is for kids and beginning readers, actual American history is port... morerayed through the characters. You learn about slavery and free people of color. I had no idea they were called that, nor that there were people like that in New Orleans so early. And I'm in 10th grade. I guess you can always learn new things and there's nothing to be ashamed of. That part still does kind of hurt my ego/pride though :/Now, did I enjoy this book better or Meet Marie-Grace? I really can't say. They were both really different and yet similar. Both Marie-Grace and Cécile are so different (and of course, also similar), and you just have to love both of them. They both inspire me to be a better person and make we want to do good. That may seem a bit much to get out of a children's book, but there it is. I may just be weird like that - I get a whole bunch of ideas from books - but I really think that this book was really well-written and should be read by every little girl out there!!Okay, I'm done now *grinning*
review 2: This is the first time 2 Girls have shared a 6 book series and I really liked that idea. I was also loving the idea that this series was set in New Orleans, and there were some wonderful references to Mardi Gras, St. Louis Cathedral and other New Orleans landmarks.Unfortunately, I have to admit that I didn't love this series as much as I was anticipating. The historical event that was the main focus throughout the 6 books was the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1853. You hear about such events and you just don't realize how horrible they are until it is made real in a story like this.In a way, I guess that's a good thing, I knew little if anything about this event in New Orleans history before, and I have been there twice, so I thought I knew at least a little of this amazing town's history.But...the overall effect was that Marie-Grace and Cecile's story was a lot more disturbing than the other American Girls books I've read - and I know that I would not have liked them if I had been reading them as a 9 year old. So for that reason, I had to take one star off. I hated doing it, but it is how I felt.However, I will look forward to reading more American Girls books because I still love the series as a whole. less
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Another solid historical fiction. Now I feel ready to do my American Girl Tea Party at the library.
I think this book had a nice taste and nice words to it. I love Cecile!!!
Lovely. I wish there were similar novels for young adults.
I like the doll even more after reading her story.
Hailey and I read this for book club
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