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Babycakes (2012)

by Donna Kauffman(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
0758280505 (ISBN13: 9780758280503)
Cupcake Club
review 1: Light and fluffy, just like the tasty cupcakes sounded. The naughtier scenes seemed out of place though with the flow of the book. Not raunchy, just tossed in for good measure. A book for rainy day afternoons with tea and cupcakes ;)The characters I also liked because I can relate to the instant pull of attraction while trying to fight it off for being "too soon" as it's how my husband & I started off.
review 2: Oh my word, this book was ah-mazingly boring! The characters were so one dimensional and unrelatable. And boy, did they ever talk ... and talk ... and talk. It got so bad, I found myself skimming through the text with a hope that something - anything - would happen. Thankfully, the book ended before my patience did.I always read on the commute to work.
... more Reading this book made the commute even longer. Next time, I'll pick up a book on watching grass grow. At least, I'll see some action. less
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this such a nice lighthearted summer read ... this small island is getting crowded! :)
I want the Cupcake Club peeps for my friends!
Pool reading. I love summer!
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