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The Boys, Volume 12: The Bloody Doors Off (2012)

by Garth Ennis(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 5
160690373X (ISBN13: 9781606903735)
Dynamite Entertainment
The Boys
review 1: Having read the conclusion, I think The Boys may be the best thing Ennis has written. It appears to be over the top satire of superhero comics, but it is so much more than that. A large part of it is a critique of certain forms of masculinity and how toxic they can be.There is plenty of violence, swearing and nudity to please the id, along with crude humor. But there is also a surprising depth to this series.
review 2: Hard to review - while on the one hand, the things this volume has to say about male friendship, power, self-knowledge and so on are very welcome (and, as usual, better handled than the male/female stuff), the overall turn of the story is quite simply horrid... not bad, not badly done, just very hard to read, to the point where (at about the half
... moreway mark) one simply doesn't want to go on because it hurts too much to process. I think that's a tribute to Ennis, that one is so invested in the characters that what happens is simultaneously one part romp and absolutely, genuinely distressing, but it makes for an uncomfortable read. On the other hand, it's an entirely logical read; while I as an invested reader might not like Butcher's decisions, I believe utterly in his *choice* to carry on and make them - and I'd have to say that the fear-for-Hughie's-soul that Ennis creates over the last two volumes (and the surprising ability to create genuine anger and dislike for Butcher, then defuse it without compromising either his evil or his genius) is a gem. It works, that's the thing. The series itself would end perfectly well without this volume, and in some ways would actually end *better*, but there is enough to like in this - including, and perhaps especially the emotion it generates - to make one glad it exists. I will miss this series greatly - a brilliant study in "wtf next?" less
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An explosive end to The Boys. Sad that its all over but it was the right time to draw it to a close.
An outstanding series if you are not the queasy type.
Great ending! Sad to see it go
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