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Aquaman, Vol. 1: The Trench (2012)

by Geoff Johns(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 5
1401235514 (ISBN13: 9781401235512)
DC Comics
Aquaman Vol. VII
review 1: Aquaman is cool again!!!Fantastic! When DC rebooted their universe I had a couple of heroes on my list that needed a reboot really badly and Aquaman was one of them. Not only a reboot, but a new beginning. Everyone's heard of all the jokes about Aquaman and to be fair a lot of it was true as he was a poorly written, campy and disregarded character in the books. However, with Johns taking on Aquaman for the New52 I was really excited, he had revived GL and the Flash and I hoped he would do the same for Arthur, and he did:World: The world of Aquaman has always been about the ocean and more precisely Atlantis, but in this first arc (luckily) we don't see that part. The world that Reis and Johns creates is one that is familiar (small port town in small town America), it's a n... moreormal everyday setting because the true focus on this first arc is Arthur and Mera (as it should be). We do get a glimpse of a wider world with the Trench story and the last two issues start dealing with Atlantis, but the world building in the first couple of issues is laser focused on character building and that's fine with me.Story: The first 10 pages will make you smile and the end of the first arc will make you smile even wider. Aquaman as I've said above has always been the but of jokes from the comic book fanbase and instead of treading around that Johns has decided to meet it head on. He's made it a part of Arthur's story and something that drives his character, it's smart and fun and very self aware which is refreshing and also an awesome way to start a series (destroying these pre-conceived notions of the character). The Trench story is a basic heroes fighting mosters, heroes saving the day story, however I did enjoy the moral decisions that Arthur has to make at the tail end of the arc giving a little more depth to the characters. Reis' art is very kinetic and full of detail, although I do find his facial expressions a bit off, but man his action sequences are gorgeous. The story is entertaining and the focus on Arthur and Mera and their place in the world is wonderful, a great reboot.Characters: Wonderful, I've already said that the story is laser focused on Arthur and the perception of others towards Aquaman and it's a good thing. We learn about Arthur, how he thinks, the kind of person he is, the shit he goes through with the public, it's all there and it builds character and makes him immediately someone you want to cheer for, good job Johns. If DC did reboots like this for the rest of the New52 then we would not be 3 years after the reboot be complaining for missed opportunities (Batman and GL come to mind). You will like Arthur and Mera after this first arc and you will want to know more about them, they are good characters and good writing is what they deserve and what they get here. Good stuff!I like Aquaman I know there are aspects about him that are stupid (a lot of comic book characters are like that too) and I also cringed when there was Sub Diego and that stupid hook/water hand. Luckily with the new reboot he is a character worth reading again and quite honestly one of the best reboots that DC did with the New52, read it!Onward to the next book!
review 2: Geoff Johns ha demostrado en reiteradas oportunidades tener un talento único para revitalizar a personajes que, de tan clásicos, han abandonado toda posibilidad de frescura. Con el relanzamiento del universo DC le llega a Johns su mayor desafío: llevar a la cima a Aquaman.Sin lugar a dudas, el hombre pez, que en momento de su nacimineto contó con una época dorada, se tranformó prontamente en una de las invenciones más infantiles y estúpidas de la factoría DC. Años luz separan al insípido rubio de su álter ego marveliano: Namor regente de Atlantis y primer mutante del universo que, con sus claroscuros y ambigüedades, supo ocupar con honores el puesto de héroe y el de villano alternativamente y con coherencia monárquica. La estrategia de Johns para narrar la historia parte justamente de este absoluto: TODOS estamos de acuerdo en que Aquaman es el superhéroe preferido por nadie en el planeta. Convertido en poco más que una burla entre los mortales y marginado siempre por el mundo acuático, Aquaman intenta forjarse una nueva vida, retirándose con Mera a la vera del faro que supiera manejar su padre. Nuevos misterios de las profundidades no tardarán en asolar al mundo de la superficie, lo que dará a Arthur Curry la posibilidad de demostrar que calzar sus escamas y portar su tridente no es broma. less
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Confronts our misperceptions of the character head on and actually makes him cool.
I has a surprisingly great time reading this. A very nice start for the series.
4.5/5 absolutamente genial (aunque no podía ser perfecto, claro xD)
Great reintroduction to a lesser loved hero.
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