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Ethan: Lord Of Scandals (2013)

by Grace Burrowes(Favorite Author)
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1402278578 (ISBN13: 9781402278570)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Lonely Lords
review 1: I read this book and then literally forgot I'd read it, so I went back and lo, there it was, in my Kindle. I started reading it again and it slowly, slowly came back to me...... these characters aren't very interesting and I want to love it, because I love Grace Burrowes, but I do not love the Lonely Lords series thus far. Darius was okay, I guess, but now I'm a little confused as to how all these lords go together and who exactly is doing what and wait, which one is this again?Right, the one with two sons who I think was abused in a bad way at school. But honestly, it's all kind of foggy.
review 2: Reviewed by RachelBook provided by NetGalley for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookAfter reading the first few books in this series, I had really
... morehigh hopes for this one. After all, Ethan was an important character in the last book. As a reader you discover that he’s a bastard and that his father sent him away when he was a little boy because he thought he had an inappropriate relationship with his best friend and brother Nick.The idea behind Ethan’s past kind of bothered me as a reader. We discover early on that something was done to him when he was away at school, something terrible. As a hero, he worked because he was tortured, I just felt kind of let down. I can’t really explain why?Alice was a great heroine, she was fiercely protective of Ethan’s boys and very sarcastic. I loved that about her. What I didn’t love? The fact that she agrees to have a sexual relationship with a guy who’s kids she’s teaching. I know it’s historically accurate and I’ve read other historicals that use this same type of formula–I’ve never been a huge fan of it.The story felt very disjointed to me. I’m probably being more harsh than if I would have just read it as a stand alone, but because I fell in love with the other books in this series, it is having to meet those high standards Ms. Burrowes has already set, and unfortunately this book falls very short.The plot is a little patchy. I mean I get the main idea but nothing really shocked me. There was no “WOW” moment for me while reading. I wasn’t caught up in their love story and all in all it just fell flat.I would recommend it as a good read. Again, I feel like I’m being unfair, but I KNOW Ms. Burrowes is insanely talented as she’s proved with this series, I just expect more from her now. less
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I love these books.
kinda boring.
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